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Legal Age for Marriage

Throughout the United States, the legal age for marriage shows some difference. The most common age without parents’ consent is eighteen for both females and males. However, persons who are under age in their home state can get married in another state, and then return to the home state legally married. Each state issues its own marriage license. Both residents and nonresidents are qualified for such a license. The fees and ceremonies vary greatly from state to state. Most states, for instance, have a blood test requirement, but a few do not. Most states permit either a civil or religious ceremony, but a few require the ceremony to be religious. In most states, a waiting period is required before the license is issued. This period is from one to five days depending on the state. A three-day wait is the most common. In some states, there’s no required waiting period.



1. John met me at the door and said his dormitory wasn’t full, but in fact it was.

2. We just can’t get over the fact that Jane failed while Mary succeeded.

3. At the moment there was no course I enjoyed more than composition.

4. If I had known the exercises should be handed in today, I’d have finished them yesterday.

5. I woke up at 8:30, knowing that the appointment was at 9:45, but despite all my plans, I still got there at 10:00.

6. If only I had paid more attention to my spelling in the examination.

7. Come in, John. Please excuse the mess. We only moved in here a month ago and we’re in the middle of house decoration.

8. David decided to take the overnight express train to Rome. Usually he would have gone by plane. But now he wanted to have some time on his own before he got back home.

9. My students went camping last weekend. They had a wonderful time and they stayed warm and dry in spite of the weather.


10. M: Why did you get up at 6:40? I thought your meeting wasn’t until 10:30.

W: I wanted to visit the park before I left. It’s the first time I’ve seen it.

11. W: London is a gorgeous city. From here you can see the Palace Skies.

M: Wait until we can get to Paris and Madrid. And don’t forget about Rome.

12. M: Do you have any idea what the passage is about?

W: I’m as much in the dark as you are.

13. M: I’d like to apply for the position you have advertised in China Daily.

W: A good command of English and computing is a must as far as the position is concerned.

14. W: I see that Vincent is smiling again.

M: Yes, he decided to speak to his boss’s mother about his problem at work rather than to go directly to his boss.

15. M: We got the computer repaired last week.

W: Oh, so it could be fixed.

16. W: There was a storm warning on the radio this morning. Did you happen to be listening?

M: No, but what a shame! I guess we’ll have to change our sailing plans. Would you rather play golf or go cycling?


News Item One (17)

The authorities in Hong Kong have released the second group of Vietnamese boat people from detention after Vietnam refused to accept them.  The group of sixteen had been detained in 1991 when they entered Hong Kong. The release last month of more than 100 boat people in Hong Kong caused protest from local residents opposing any move to allow the boat people to stay permanently. There are still some 24,000 Vietnamese boat people in detention camps in Hong Kong.

News Item Two (18-19)

NATO troops are to join their former Cold War enemies in training exercises in Poland this week. The drills which will begin on the 17th are the first major joint exercises of the Western and Eastern armies under NATO’s partnership.  Some 900 soldiers from 13 countries will take part. NATO says it will be a good way to share peace-keeping experiences and develop a common understanding of operational procedures.

News Item Three (20-22)

A twenty-year action plan for cutting the rate of world population growth is expected to win wide approval today in Cairo. Delegates at the UN-sponsored conference on population complete the final talks on the plan Monday. The document is non-binding but it will serve as a guideline for countries and states that fund health care and family planning programs. The world population of 5.7 billion currently is growing at more than 90 million a year.

News Item Four (23-25)

In the Philippines a ferry carrying at least 400 people has sunk after an apparent collision with a cargo ship. There was no immediate report of casualties. The accident occurred at about 11:30 a. m. , local time, at the mouth of Manila Bay shortly after the ferry left the Manila port. A Philippines coast guard’s spokesman said the ferry had been hit by a 12,000 ton Singapore registered cargo vessel. Further details were not immediately available.





More Pressure From Academic Studies Does No Good To Us

Nowadays, we may often hear people around us complain that they are under great pressure in their daily life. It is true that no pressure, no motivation. But, how about much more pressure? Different people have different views of point. As for me, I firmly think too much pressure in essence prevents people from achieving academic accomplishment rather than do good to us.

The causes are obvious. Firstly, in our opening society, people have to acquaint with a vast number of new things so as to obtain better lives, which request them transfering more times from academic studies to other fields, lessening their academic pressure. Secondly, more pressure from academic studies will make people produce mental problems such as stress and qualm, in the long run, which will make academic studies become impossible.

Therefore in my opinion, those who would achieve academic accomplishment must not be given more pressure. It is a good academic air that does good to us.

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Dear Victoria,

We write to apologize for having unintentionally neglected to invite you, our close friend, to show up our party. As you know, we take on an emergent task when the party is coming. So we trust the invitation issue to our only relative who doesn’t know you.

We sincerely hope that this does no harm to our friendship.

Sincerely yours,






【详细解答】解答本题的关键词是“… his dormitory wasn’t full,but in fact it was.”由此可知John的寝室住满了人,已经“没有空房间了”。




【详细解答】解答本题的关键词是“…can’t get over the fact”, 指对某事实十分惊讶,故选项C为正确答案。




【详细解答】讲话者说的“there is no course enjoy more than composition”指“没有比作文课更令我喜欢的课程了”。由此可知“他最喜欢的课程是写作课”。




【详细解答】解答本题的关键是要听出这句话是一个虚拟语气句,“If I had known the exercises…I’d have finished them yesterday”即“我要是早知道有那些作业,我昨天就做完了”,也就是说“他昨天没有完成作业”。




【详细解答】解答本题的关键是要听清讲话者提及的后两个时间及动作,“…the appointment was at 9:45…I still got there at l0:00”,这两个时间之差15分钟就是他迟到的时间。




【详细解答】解答本题的关键是要听出这句话是一个以“If only”开头的虚拟语气句, “If only he had pay more attention to his spelling”意思是“只要他更注意一下拼写就好了”,也就是说“他忽略了拼写”。




【详细解答】由“in the middle of house decoration”可以判断该房间正在装修期间,当然房子是杂乱的(disorder)。




【详细解答】只要听清“…but now he wanted to have some time on his own…”,就可以直接得出答案C。




【详细解答】解答本题的关键词是“…they stayed warm and dry in spite of the weather.”意思是“尽管天气不好,他们仍然感到干燥和温暖。”所以天气状况应与“warm and dry”相反,即“cold and wet”。





【详细解答】解答本题的关键是要听清讲男士的话中提及的两个时间及动作,“you get up at 6:40…your meeting wasn’t until l0:30”,由此可知,选项C最接近这两个时间的差。




【详细解答】要推测出对话发生的地点,关键是要听清女士说的“London is a gorgeous city. From here…”,这里的“From here”指的是伦敦,因此选项C为正确答案。




【详细解答】当男士问女士是否明白那篇短文的意思时,女士回答说“I’m as much in the dark as you are.”这里的“in the dark” 意为“不明白”,即“我跟你一样不明白”,故选项B为正确答案。




【详细解答】这是一段求职对话,男士要应聘某个职位,女士说“A good command of English and computing is a must …”,句中的must是名词,指“必不可少的条件”,因此选项D为正确答案。




【详细解答】解答本题的关键词是“to speak to his boss’ mother…rather than to go directly to his boss”,由此可直接得出此题答案为选项D。




【详细解答】那位男士说他们上周把电脑修好了,女士说“So it could be fixed.”即“那么说它能被修好了。”据此可以推测女士事先可能认为电脑不能修好,故选项C为正确答案。




【详细解答】解答本题的关键词是男士说的“What a shame! I guess we’ll have to change our sailing plans.”即“多么遗憾,我想我们不得不改变我们的航行计划了。”由此推测他们夫妇两原先是打算去航行的。





【详细解答】解答本题的关键句是“The release…caused protest from local residents opposing any move to allow the boat people to stay permanently.”即当地居民反对让这些渔民在港永久居留。故选项B为正确答案。


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